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Leadership Styles of Business Entrepreneur Name Institutional Affiliation Leadership Styles of Business Entrepreneur Entrepreneurial leadership is a dynamic concept with origins from the combination of the two terms: entrepreneurship and leadership. Yang (2008) asserted that the objective of this combination was the exploration of leadership in and the behavior of entrepreneurs. Gupta et al. (2004) had a contrasting view and argued that the concept was resulted in by the turbulence in increments and competition in the business arena demanding for new styles of leadership. This style of leadership was then coined as entrepreneurial leadership and could deal with the turbulence and competition in commerce at the same time. However, even long before the coining term, authors still wrote about entrepreneurial leadership but in a different context. Schumpeter (1934, retrieved from Cogliser, 2004, p.774) wrote about the need for differentiating managers from entrepreneurs and even went ahead to suggest a new crop of leadership was looming. From then on, writers began engaging and exploiting the topic and made a conclusion that entrepreneurial leadership is distinct from the other forms of leadership and that entrepreneurs differentiate themselves from corporate leaders in handling issues. Entrepreneurial leadership has thus evolved through the process to bear other styles in it. However, entrepreneurial leadership is not a necessity in the entrepreneurial environment (Ruvio et al., 2009). Researchers have identified a research gap in differentiating between the themes and the trends in leadership and entrepreneurship. Both concepts converge, and overlap and it becomes

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