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Female leader Kentucky One Health facility is an important healthcare institution since it has a female president and CEO named Ruth Brinkley ("Ruth Brinkley Named One of America’s Most Admired Health Care CEOs | Kentucky One Online," 2014). She has been head of the health facility since the year 2012 when the facility came into existence. Her responsibilities include seeking individuals to partner with in the healthcare industry, developing teams at the facility, governance, shaping cultures at all stages of healthcare giving and she also plays the role of a physician. Ruth Brinkley is sixty-three years of age. Her marital status has not been disclosed, but she has a son and a daughter ("Integrating Woman Leaders, Inc. Conference Speakers," n.d.). Brinkley has an excellent academic record since she has a bachelor's and master’s degree from De Paul University. Ruth Brinkley pursued her Masters in Nursing Administration between the year 1981 and 1984 ("Ruth W. Brinkley - Executive Bio, Compensation History, and Contacts - Equilar Atlas," n.d.). Gender parity The healthcare industry is endowed with more female workers than the male. Statistics indicate that almost seventy-six percent of healthcare givers are females, therefore, implying that male caregivers constitute about a quarter of the workforce. Further research shows that female health personnel constitute about ninety percent of the staff attending to patients at home. Shockingly, women constitute the largest portion of healthcare personnel, but the opposite sex dominates decision making. There is no gender balance in the healthcare industry since women comprise over three-quarters of the workforce. Research

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