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How important is intelligence compared to social skills in most organizations? Every organization requires intelligent individuals for success to be consistent. The management and the workers must embrace high caliber prudence. Intelligence is required in decision making and product promotion. Daily operations in both manufacturing and service industries require proper reasoning to achieve good and impressive results (Zuckerberg, et al., 40-51). Performance appraisal needs knowledge and intelligence to predict where the organization is ending-to. Proper and wise assessment of information from the routine operations of the company allows the directors determine appropriate course action. Nevertheless, social skills are also important because human is a social being that requires interaction in many activates. Was Mark’s success accidental? Why or why not? The success achieved by Mark was not accidental. Mark Zuckerberg was a very brilliant student all the way from high school. His intelligence made him invent Synapse program that enabled MP3 players create a tailored playlist for persons according to their preferences. While in college, he made a website that allowed people rate Harvard University coeds on attractiveness. Though he was a shy computer geek, he was keen and brilliant enough to think of a social platform where people would interact. By this, he was able to invent Facebook, advertise it, and promote it. Currently, Facebook has hundreds of million members. Do you have to be as smart as Mark Zuckerberg to start a successful company? Why or why not? No, Mark Zuckerberg is not the standard of measure or parameter to determine the successfulness of a

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