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Leadership Studies Name Institutional Affiliation Leadership Studies Chuang, C. H., Jackson, S. E., & Jiang, Y. (2016). Can knowledge-intensive teamwork be managed? Examining the roles of HRM systems, leadership, and tacit knowledge. Journal of management, 42(2), 524-554.In order for a professional in the healthcare sector to achieve a successful nursing career, case management nursing is fundamental. It is all about creativity upon implementation of certain measures in a healthcare institution, more so, prioritizing the patients’ welfare. Social intelligence is a type of leadership competency which acknowledges the importance of a collective effort. It is all about inclusivity in terms of decision making. In subsequent, a successful manager should embrace a Patient-Centric Approach. Ideally, the Human Resource Management requires both an external and internal knowledge acquisition for a smooth flow of activities within a healthcare institution. This entails an effective partnership an aim to empower the overall leadership. In the agreement, the HRM systems promote wellness and healthiness to a society. Baer, R. A. (Ed.). (2015). Mindfulness-based treatment approaches: Clinician's guide to evidence base and applications. Elsevier.Stringent policies act as a barrier to the Patient-Centric Approach. It is important to organize safety education for nurses for the future. Basically, this defines competency standards. Until recently, in the healthcare sector, there has been a number of incompetencies within the staff. Failure to embrace Behavioral Based Behavior has resulted in failure to identify such incompetency, leading to a wrongful dismissal of a worker.

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