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LEADERSHIP by (Name) Course Professor’s Name University City and State Date Leadership More often passion is aroused with leadership. The mere study and exercise of leadership arouse passion since leadership puts to balance our values. In fact, the term leadership is value-laden. Defining the current workplace generations differ and researchers continue to study whether there is a clear-cut measure to establish who fits that definition. Nonetheless, various researchers have agreed on some of the basic assumptions in this field with a basis on the year one was born. Torres (2017) describes adaptive leaders as those that, “anticipate change, prepare for it, and often make change happen in the direction they want to go.” These leaders adjust to “weak signals,” which, "operate similarly to the needle on a barometer, where movement indicates the impending change." Moreover, leaders who are adaptive make the best at discovering nonconformist and revolutionize agents within their workplaces. The author points out that this kind of managers makes small gambles before going into big ones. This kind of leadership and management cuts across structural and cultural boundaries. The paper highlights some of these traits and also discusses the importance of transformational leadership. Additionally, it will provide some strengths and weaknesses of the leadership style (Adair, 2013, 217). Leadership being a diverse field has meant that different theories have been accepted in an attempt to examine how subordinates should be handled. In this section, a literature review of several styles of leadership is discussed; servant leadership, authentic leadership,

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