Leadership reflection

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Leadership Reflection Student’s Name Institutional Affiliation Date Abstract Leadership is a process that identifies a person to have an impact on people’s lives. Some leadership theories have tried to establish whether leaders are made or born. Few are born, but many grow to become leaders through life experiences and knowledge gained. There are different types of leaders; democratic, dictatorial, laissez-faire, and autocratic. Leaders who are task-oriented and those who are employee-oriented. For our task below, the leaders mentioned above are not our concern, but it is the leader in oneself. Leadership should be viewed in a general way so that we tend not to look at it through those who are in high positions but also for anyone who has a positive impact on someone’s life at the grassroots. At one time in life, one needs to carry out a leadership evaluation test if one is ambitious for the future which enables one to achieve personal growth and inspiring others at large. Using one’s self-ratings on how one assumes who you are against what others think of you. This can only be done evaluating how others perceive you may be using questionnaires as done below. Self-rating is usually higher, and usually one is not sincere with oneself as anyone tends to put only things that are positive. The activity can be done by involving those people who are close and those who know you; classmates, roommates, friends or even workmates. One will identify strengths and weaknesses for further improvements by either putting more effort on strengths and identifying areas that need changes in weaknesses. Questionnaires are the best option since they allow one to have

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