Leadership in Crisis

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Student Instructor Course Date Leadership in Crisis Failure of leadership has become a problem that is being faced globally. This is according to recently conducted studies that have also revealed that only a few efficient leaders are available. The way a leader chooses to approach a particular problem or situation is where we derive their level of efficiency. Most leaders decide to be reckless with what they believe. To solve this type of crisis, we need brave leaders that stand by their beliefs and are willing to die for what they stand for. In times of crisis, a good leader should have a positive mindset that allows them maximum productiveness. The leader should always remember that their subordinates are looking upon them to manage the crisis and therefore should not let the negativity surrounding the situation overwhelm them. The leaders should not be shy to seek opinion or brainstorm with the subjects in times of crisis as this enhances teamwork which improves productivity and growth (Jindal, 12). In any given situation, a leader should always have their emotions under control. This enhances a stable mental and physical wellbeing. When a leader displays an emotional outburst in times of crisis, they appear to have given up on bringing back normalcy. This negatively affects the subordinates which lead to low productivity. Therefore, a leader is expected to maintain high levels of self-control (Jindal, 22). Moments of crisis come as lessons. Leaders are, therefore, expected to exercise fearlessness as it is this time of crisis that their leadership skills are put to the test (Jindal, 45). Overcoming the crisis readies them for more significant

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