Leadership and Power

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Student’s Name Professor’s Name Leadership and power Date of submission Always we should ask ourselves is if power is a dirty word. The information we always have is that absolute power corrupts absolutely. Other people will shy away from power and delegate it to people who outside them who will then be blamed for everything which is wrong. Most people always fail to connect that what happens on the outside reflects what is always happening in their inner life. But what is power? It means the possibility, capability or responsibility. It is a means which is not an end in itself and does not act as a master to seek greatness. Power can always be a challenge to understand; human beings have taken its beautiful meaning and morphed up into something else dangerous, enslaving, frightening and enslaving. Power is not always used to harm others unless the intention to hurt others is set. Therefore power cannot be a dirty word. Being powerful is one of the most important things which happens in our lifetimes (Kessler, 63). People should always embrace the power given to them and utilize it to the benefits of all. Power cannot be a dirty word depending on how it is used. In the recent past power has been used for the benefit of the people compared to the past when it was used to oppress people. One of the most critical questions we should ask ourselves is what is preventing us from moving to the world which we all desire to live in? One of the answer we have for this is being powerless to do what we should. Humans should find power so that they could be able to prosper in life and overcome challenges which are facing them in the society. From the book given we realize

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