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Student’s Name: Course: Instructor: Date: Leadership depends on the character of the leader, the leadership attributes and the managerial skills that the leader has. These factors will determine the popularity of the leader. I have chosen Nelson Mandela to be my public leader because of the struggle that he made in South Africa to make sure that the country attains its freedom from the Apartheid rule as well as ensuring that the people of South African remain united as one body. Mandela was also responsible for the fight against poverty in the country all the sufferings that the country was going through. In his leadership, however, Mandela remained focused and peacemaking. He forgives those who jailed him for 27 years (Nohria np). Mandela was not thirsty for power, and that is why he only accepted to be the president of South Africa for one term just to act as a pacesetter for the leaders who were going to lead the country after him. The leadership characteristics that were experienced from Nelson Mandela include the strength that he had and the resilience. He used these character traits during the hardship he was going through in prison and also when the country was fighting against the Apartheid. In prison, Mandela was forced to do hard labor as a punishment, but he didn’t surrender from fighting after he was released (Krueger np). The other character trait of leadership that was found in Mandela was “the fact that he was a good orator”. Mandela was a good public speaker who could influence the crowd, and they liked his speeches very much. Through his good speaking skills, the people felt united through him, and he was seen as an individual who

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