LBJ and the Great Society

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Name Institution Course Date LBJ and the Great Society Lyndon Baines Johnson stands out to be one amongst leaders who have significantly sponsored effective reform agenda in the United States. Lyndon`s reform agenda had similar impacts to that of Roosevelt`s New Deal concept that had saved the country from the adverse struggles influenced by the Great Depression (U.S. History, 1). Lyndon reform course began immediately after the burial of President Kennedy who was murdered. He named his reform-based campaign as the Great Society. Under this movement, domestic issues such as racial injustice and poverty were settled. The United States economy was gradually diminishing due to adverse impacts of the post-war and the immediate conception of the Cold War (U.S. History, 1). In 1964, President Johnson through his movement Great Society initiated a tax cut system that reduced the tax rate by 7.1% (Etzoni, 115). This tax reduction system triggered economic prosperity for many Americans since more employment chances were created. More ever, these significant economic changes made the Great Society reform campaign to be popular, and Johnson again reacted by reducing the tax rate by 8.2% and 9.1% in both 1965 and 1966 consecutively (Etzoni, 115). In 1966, 55% of families in the United States were living with an average income of more than $8000 annually while the rate of unemployment was abruptly reduced to less than 5% (Etzoni, 116). In that same year, the rate of disposable individual income increased by 15%, and this made the federal revenue to rapid grew by 56 million between the years 1966 to 1967 (Etzoni, 115). Consequently, when Johnson took the presidency

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