Law Enforcement Challenges

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Law Enforcement Challenges Student’s Name Institution’s Name Law enforcement officers face several hurdles when investigating exploitation, cyber stalking, and obscenity but Chief among these hurdles is identification, collection, transportation and preservation of digital evidence. Cybercrime is conducted using the internet and other gadgets that can access the internet and most of the data that can be used as evidence are digital. A computer might be located, but there is no way it may physically appear to suggest being employed in the commission of a crime, digital evidence in the computer must be accessed. Digital evidence might be stored in the cloud or the hard drives of a computer, smartphones or any other device that can store data. The government does not have the discretion to spy on each and every one; they may have the resources, but a search warrant has to be obtained to enter the house of a suspect or to allow for installation of tracking software and gadgets in the house of the suspect. However, the law is very strict on the issuance of search warrants; the investigating officer must prove that the suspect is engaged in the commission of cybercrimes (Taylor, Fritsch & Liederbach, 2014). If the investigating officer is successful to go past the justice department to get a search warrant, the suspect may choose to destroy evidence or encrypt the evidence. Damaged data may be recovered or not, it all depends on the level of destruction done by the suspect (Girard, 2013). At times, criminals encrypt data hence investigating officers cannot access data contained in such devices not unless they have decrypting key (Girard, 2013). When investigating

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