latest research on techniques for improving memory

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Student’s Name Instructor’s Name Course Date Techniques for Improving Memory Memory is the ability to record information about the happenings around them with the facility to recall them later at their will. Poor memory has become a common problem among many people in the whole world. Different individuals and organizations have done researches on different ways to improve the ability to recall. Here are the latest researches on different techniques for improving memory. Chewing of gum: According to researchers (Brunoni, André, and Vanderhasselt 5), chewing of gum increases the rate of heartbeat and blood flow around the cerebral area (in the brain which is the central nervous system responsible for memory) hence improving brains functionality. Students who chew gum during their revising and exam period tend to perform better than those who do not. Sleeping the recommended hours: Inadequate sleep slows the functionality of the mind resulting in an inability to recall some events. According to researches done for an adult, one should sleep for 7 to 9 hours and more hours when it comes to children and teens (Brunoni, André, and Vanderhasselt 7). After a night of sleep, the cerebellum which is one of the motor centers in the brain controlling speed and accuracy seems to be more active. When one sleeps, the brain moves the memory to more efficient storage making it easy to recall quickly and accurately. Sleep also reduces stress giving the brain space to hold more. Exercising: Aerobic exercise improves the pumping of the heart and the sweat glands boosting the size hippocampus which is involved in learning and verbal memory. Exercise results in the release

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