language and society

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Your name Professor’s name Course name Date of submission Language and Gender Abstract Using two publications, the paper will examine the relationship between language and gender. The importance of language will be demarcated while analyzing these differences between males’ and females’ diction. The paper will explore various approaches that bring about the connection between language and gender. There is no society without the incorporation of language and gender. The paper will delve further into each approach; attempting to understand the role of language in defining gender roles. It also offers enlightenment about the varied differences in human beings and their diction. The incorporation of language rules and regulations affiliated with each gender heightens the prevailing nature of inequalities. In this paper, analyzing the cultural approach portrays the necessity of cultures and values in understanding language and gender. They are both affected greatly by culture hence, as covered in the paper, it is impossible to separate them from one another. The paper also details these differences in speech and offers information about their prevalence. Power, domination and submissiveness are some of the issues discussed in this paper; as influencing the relationship between language and gender. It will offer an in-depth exploration of the consequences arising from understanding the scope of language from the perspective of gender. In the paper, readers learn the existence of sexist diction and language. Men are classified as superior folk in different sectors of the society. Finally, the conclusion reiterates the importance of this connection between

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