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LAND LAW Name: Course: Date: Land Law The most popular definition of conveyancing is the process of transferring legal title of a given property from one owner to another. Consequently, the instrument showing proof of the transaction is referred to as a conveyance and this may be a deed or a lease. Different jurisdictions have established laws and regulations to govern how property and more specifically, laws relating to the transfer of land. This is because if no rules exist to regulate such transactions, then incidences of litigation will undoubtedly increase due to fraud. In areas such as the United Kingdom, a variety of statutes such as the Land Registration Act of 2002 as well as the Law of Property Act of 1925 are just some of the laws governing the acquisition of land. Formality refers to the requirement that a matter is put in a prescribed form if it is to be considered legally valid and binding. Formalities permeate all aspects of law, although they are particularly prevalent in Land law. When this area is contrasted with, for instance, contract law, it becomes apparent that the latter has fewer requirements of form. This can be attributed to the critical position that land holds in British history, as well as the fact that land ownership is considered prestigious. Under English trust law and contract law, formalities are usually required in certain types of transaction. In a small number of cases, trusts and agreements will not be enforceable unless they are consistent with the prescriptions of a specific statute. Despite the laws that exist, it remains apparent that a trend is developing where property rights in land become acquired without following

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