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Name: Instructor’s Name: Course: Date: Chapter 1 Lamott describes an event where she meets Grace Paley, a great author. The two were set to present before a crowd by reading from their works and consequently performing talks from the podium. However, Lamott convinces the producer to allow them to work together as they engage an audience. She saw this as a new and improved way to engage the audience rather than the normal boring method proposed earlier. This idea, however, failed terribly especially on her part. While Grace's act was fine Lamott's long conversations were unappreciated by the audience. This failure causes her a lot of distress, but this is short lived as she later accepts that failure is actually a gift and in fact an angel in disguise. Later on, the two agree on their earlier plan; they read well-prepared talks from the podium. Grace definitely shines in her presentation while Lamott somehow managed to up her game and had a good presentation (Lamott 138). The chapter has a deeper message; it seeks to defy the fear of failure; it proves that one should not be afraid to try out a new way, an improvised way, but should soldier on, putting all their best and even if they may face defeat then it is not the end of the world but an actual eye opener and infant; it is a chance to emerges stronger. The topic of grace is of great relevance to our day-to-day challenges that one has to face the world head on, believing and accepting that they are imperfect and would definitely face failure once in a while, this, however, should be viewed in a positive manner as failure is a gift in disguise which leaves one better and stronger.“Grace is the light or

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