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Name Instructor Course Date Introduction Convex lens and diverging lens are some of the types of thin lenses. The two affect the behaviour of a ray of light as it passes through them, either diverging the ray or beam that passes through them, in the case of a concave lens or converging the ray or beam of light as it passes through them at a certain point, in the case of a convex lens. The position of the object corresponding to the mirror affect the locus of the image made as rays of light emerge through the given thin lens. Data Exercise 1 do di do+di 28 72 100 30.5 59.5 90 40 40 80 29.6 65.3 94 28.7 72.1 100 Results Exercise 1: Qualitative Investigation of Image Formation When I envelop the top half of the converging lens the real image formed will remain unchanged, in position, and in alignment (upside down). A minimum of 2 light rays are required for the formation of an image in this case. With the top half of the convex lens wrapped, therefore, the light rays are obstructed in their way, the light beam moving from the tip of the object and parallel to the Principal Axis is hindered from passing through and from being refracted by the convex lens. The light ray moving from the highest point of the object through the main focal point of the converging lens is refracted and emerges from the lens moving parallel to the principal axis. The ray from the tip of the object travelling through the centre of curvature in a straight line remains unhindered as it travels through the convex lens, and is not refracted. Its intersection with the other ray is sufficient for the formation of an image, therefore covering the top half of the converging does not

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