Lab 6 Power in dc Circuits

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Name: Instructor: Course: Date: Lab 6 Power in dc Circuits Discussion In lab 6, the results of the power versus current were plotted for different values of resistors. The first exercise which had a smaller value of resistance yielded more current whereas the second one with a larger value of resistance yielded less amount of current with time. Power is seen as a product of both resistance and current in the two curves plotted after the lab. Hence, varying the resistance or the current or both will vary the power. Moreover, the experiment shows that the current is dependent on the resistance which remains constant. This variation of current also brings about a variation in the power. One thing to note is that a graph of a plot of power versus current is not a straight line which as a constant gradient. There is an exponential variation as seen in the curves. When the current is 6.093mA the power has a value of P=VI=36.558 watts, P=I2R= 36.41928, and P=V2/R= 35.316. These different values demonstrate the differences in the three formulas. Possible cause of error might be due to faulty readings and truncating of decimal values in the readings and calculations. Comparing measurement 1, 3 and 6 it is important to note that they are not demonstrating any direct proportionality but a quadratic relationship as seen even in the curve. Conclusion In conclusion, the experiment proves that power is a product of current and resistance. There is also an exponential relationship between current and power as seen in the plots. Each of the three power equations contains the value of resistance as a component which proves that power measures the consumed energy in driving current

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