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Student’s Name: Professor’s Name: Course: Date Due: Finance Kodak’s Comeback Efforts with Crypto-currency: Any Promises? Kodak is a photography company that has bounced back to being profitable once more after being bankrupt for eighteen months. This is an excellent example of the successful change that can be brought to a company. Kodak has changed their business approach to gain back their success by engaging in one on one communication (Castelluccio and Michael, 57). With this approach, they can help out their customers more efficiently and address issues raised more quickly. Kodak has also added a policy where they must examine and adjust their costs, to ensure profitability. The company has changed their employees and cut down on many jobs, now only accepting the very best for job opportunities, as their staff goes through regular training to ensure productivity in the company. The most significant change that Kodak has gone through is the investment in modern technology. Kodak has advanced its manufacturing process, invented new hi-tech printing equipment, and are now designing touch screen censors (Castelluccio and Michael, 57). Kodak leadership was able to fight resistance to change by, starting the change in the higher-ups of the company and then dwindling down to the employees. “The company is involving every stakeholder of the company in the process of change” (Castelluccio and Michael, 57). They have invested in research on what change will work best for the company and the adjustments that need to be done. Kodak communicates new upcoming changes well before they are implemented, so everyone knows what to expect. With this

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