King henry VIII and six wives

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Name: Instructor: Course: Date: King Henry VIII and His Six Wives King Henry VIII, an ancient ruler of England, and a 17th-century leader in the English Monarchy was instrumental in shaping the Literature of Modern British through his influence and that of his hierarchy. King Henry VIII was considered to be polygamous, having six wives, with each of his wives going through the following transition during their courtship period: Divorced, beheaded, died or survived. King Henry VII primary desire for a constant search for a male heir was to inherit the power bestowed upon him. This driving force was the key factor that leads him to either divorce and beheads his wife for failure to meet his desires. This article focuses on the role King Henry VIII played in history and a brief analysis of his six wives. According to Shakespeare literature, King Henry VIII had the same characteristics exhibited by King Henry V during his youthful years. King Henry VII main concern was women and courtship, rather than instituting the Monarchial power. King Henry VIII had a liking for arms, armor, swordplay and hunting (Loades 56-58). King Henry VIII loved composing songs and love poems with zeal and passion. Various examples during his reign include Pastime with Good Company. Besides composing songs and love poems, King Henry VIII had a greater enthusiasm for fashion. Moreover, artifacts of the ancient period are still being preserved at the London Museum. For Instance, ancient remains of King Henry VIII suit of armor can be found at Tower of London Museum. Since King Henry VIII was much focused on courtship, fashion, and composing love poems, the British Empire had to have a

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