King Arthur of Britain

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King Arthur of Britain. A hero is an individual who depicts incomparable endeavors, aptitudes, or peculiar talents and is viewed as a protagonist in the society. In most cases, his courage, nobility, and exploits in war are admired by the majority of people in the community. King Arthur was a British commander who battled against Anglo-Saxon societies and certified that Britain persisted to be a utopia in the west regions. His warrior traits saw him kill monsters, sorceresses, and beasts, and led a crew of heroes on many daring adventures. Arthur is known for his knights of the “Round Table” as well as his unification strategies for the people of his land. Consequently, this has made him be celebrated in many nations of the world despite his tragic ending. Therefore, this paper shall explore different instances of Arthur’s heroic journey. King Arthur depicted courageous characteristics as he faced violent battles with Britain enemies so as to restore the sovereign on the kingdom and prevent it from collapsing. In John Boorman’s “Excalibur,” it portrays many violent battles that Arthur was involved in and won against many of his adversaries. Therefore, these acts make him be seen as a hero since he was willing to face his fears and meet them head on at any particular time. On the same note, he was determined to push his agenda forward and committed to a notion of the righteous ways. Consequently, this saw him protect his empire from external assaults and invasion from the enemies of his kingdom. Similarly, as a hero, he possessed unique skills on the use of swords that made him be in a position to face overwhelming odds and have a chance of being successful. A

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