Keeping Evidence

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Evidence can be termed as that situation or circumstance that requires proof to provide the truth. In cases where the court or the authorities are involved, the evidence is required in times of trials and litigation. It follows the path that evidence applies to proof and without the right proof evidence is destroyed and lacks meaning. Additionally, challenges regarding convictions, verdicts and judgments are made difficult (Pardo 1). Analyzing evidence involves gathering motives that can support the evidence at hand and make it applicable to a particular case. It deals with possibilities. The kind of materials or things that have a connection with a shred of evidence but are yet to be proved true. Probabilities associated with the evidence and predictions of underlying circumstances. Every opinion and subject require evidence to present ideas that are understandable. The evidence needed is presented in two mindsets self-subversive thinking and confidence bulldozer (Schulz 362-367). The two methods impact a subject either positively or negatively. The bulldozer thinking is that thought, and confident individuals have when airing their views. This kind of people believes they can never be incorrect. They create no room for more opinions, and it does not matter what other parties believe. They are stuck to their views at all times and defend them when they get the opportunity. Unfortunately, they are not usually right at all times. This act is dangerous to a conversation because it reduces the chances of digging deeper into pieces of evidence (Schulz 362-367). Black lives involvement with the police has been over the years a major issue of concern. One time a case was

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