Kant’s vs John Stuart Mill

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Kant vs. Mills Evaluation of moral theory Introduction Immanuel Kant and John Stuart Mills philosophical, ethical theories have varying similarities and differences. Neither of the theories is much concerned with the morality and the quality of an action or a choice made. This essay seeks to answer the question, is the choice made or action taken morally right? Both Mill and Kant have their different and conflicting views in answering this question. In spite of both philosophers expressly showing their passionate interest in the liberty of people through their particular principles, they sharply differ when it comes to dealing with specific assignments or a dilemma. This paragraph introduces unique dilemma that seeks to justify the thesis statement above and gives each of the moral theory philosophers a golden chance of correctly dealing with the dilemma in question. As expected both scholars takes divergent views on the difficult situations as they are two different schools of thoughts and they have principles which to believe. Using an example of a woman who has been attacked by gangsters or rapists and she is holding a knife in her hand as a dilemma in our context, what is she supposed to do? Does the woman has a moral right to stab the attackers in self-defense, or it will be brought against her? According to John Stuart Mill theory of utility, “an action is permissible if and only if the consequences of that action are at least as good as those of any other available to the agent”. Therefore according to John Stuart Mill, the woman should stab the rapists to get her freedom. This way she will be able to free herself since the only option she has to get out

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