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Hsieh Tzu Yi Alicia Sartori12/4/2016 Evaluation Essay ( Fight Song ) Fight Song The ‘Fight Song’ is creatively designed to articulate the suffrages that result from the confrontations. The title ‘Fight Song’ sets the tone of optimism despite the hindrances to success. Essentially, this is an appeal to the ethical and logical perspectives of the listeners to feel the social injustices, the consequences, and the frustration of the victims (Platten, 2015). Therefore, the author prepares the audience for a mesmerizing experience that using a careful word choice and pronounces to portray the tone. In this case, the phrase ‘Fight Song” brings out an emotional appeal that gives listeners or public the desire to investigate what happens in the mainstream society, for example, gender inequality and prejudice. Besides, the strong introductory phrases enhance the suspense among the listeners to strive to comprehend every instance of the author's experience or imagination. Based on the diction in the song, the author succeeded in progressing the spirit of self-empowerment despite the challenges that hinder women development. Rachel Platten voices the frustrations of women arising lack of equality. She seems infuriated from the beginning to the end of the literature by using descriptive phrases to portray that women should take the initiative to advance their position without worrying about the perceptions of the public. In this regards, she makes a claim that other people’s belief or lack of the same does not worry her. This notion depicts a decided person that does not need the approval of other people or society to do a task. Perhaps, she was infuriated by

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