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Research Justification Name University Affiliation Date Empathy increases the possibility of morality in a person. Morality encompasses psychological mechanisms that positively impact the lives of others such as fairness, positive interpersonal relationships, justice among other such notions (Masto, 2015). On the other hand, Marto (2015) highlights that empathy refers to the ability to get aroused by the emotions and feelings of others and care for their welfare. In the past decades, the terms empathy and morality have become popular and are being used interchangeably. As a result, extensive research both theoretical and empirical has been carried out on the two issues and also their usage has risen notably in public areas and by the media. In most scenarios, morality is seen as laying a foundation for empathy hence the terms being interchangeably used. This research paper will seek to identify the relationships that exist between morality and empathy. Considering that the links might not be straightforward at first glance, the study will provide a clear distinction of the various facets of empathy since each has a unique influence on morality that defines the moral behaviors of individuals. The paper will start by exploring the magnitude of morality and empathy by reviewing the literature of other researchers. A research study will then be carried out using a sampled population, the research findings and discussion will be provided. Although research has been done in the past concerning the relationship between empathy and morality, this research is essential since it will make use of empirical evidence and theories that have not been applied in past studies.

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