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Justification for solutions Students name Institutional affiliation Shackleton’s leadership was defined by dreams and aspirations. Right from his early childhood life, he was inspired by heroism and manhood from the stories he learnt (Helms, Koehn & Mead, 2003). In search for men who would help him in the expedition across Antarctic, he selected them based on merit. From the case study, we see that, together with his friend Hugh Robert Mills classified the people who came into categories; -the mad, the hopeless and possible. From this category he was able to come up with a resourceful and manageable crew that is easy to manage. Shackleton, as a leader was in haste to make change. This made him to him to do anything within his power to achieve his dreams and expectations. Even though he was self-confident, he was pushing things beyond the required limits; - take for instance, after his expedition to the south pole, he still wanted to lead another expedition without considering the source of funds and the means in which he will be using to travel across the Antarctic. He did not factor in the nature of the risk involved since all he wanted to do was to reach there. As a leader, one should anticipate the risk involved in a journey they want to pursue. Putting other people’s lives at risk for the sake of competing with your contemporaries is something illogical (Helms, Koehn & Mead, 2003). The men he took had to spend nights on icebergs after their ship was destroyed by the blocks of icebergs in the sea. Ernest Shackleton, a young ambitious boy makes his way to the top being that he had a lot of interest in the sea. Ernest meets Cedrick Long staff in 1899;

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