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Critical Review: Science versus Medieval Thinking Name: Institution: Abstract Science and society have existed for the longest time. Science humanity started to exist; efforts have been made to make sense of nature and the various occurrences that affect the existence of human beings. For instance, diseases are natural occurrences that took scientists and medical research years to understand. Before different medicines and other forms of treatments were invented, people never understood why different ailments occurred. In short, science has been part of the society on many fronts. However, the current society faces challenges of resistance to scientific studies intended to improve the quality of life and prevent different life-threatening diseases. A good example is the invention of vaccination as a preventive method and GMOs as an alternative to the food shortage in the world. With the impending benefits of these two inventions, it is difficult to understand why some people still find faults in the great scientific inventions. Thus, this paper focuses on an article by Tom Spears called, Science versus Medieval Thinking: Opposition to Vaccines and GM Foods Persists. The main emphasis is on the arguments made by the author, which is critically analyzed based on the existing facts and perceptions surrounding the topic. Key Words: GMOs, Vaccination, Science, Society Introduction In today’s world, Science is considered one of the most influential components that shape the opinions and perception of the society. The society is informed by science on how the natural settings of the world work (Whitehead, 2011). Indeed, the world needs explanations on different

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