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Journal of a slave The journal is based on the voice of a new slave that is taking place at the edge of the American Revolution in Charleston, South Carolina during mid-1700s. He had just been bought by a wealthy farmer owning a vast rice plantation in the coastal belt of South Carolina. During his arrival, he seems stubborn and determined in his decisions and is helped by other slaves to calm down and adapt to the environment. He works with a large number of fellow slaves because of the large rice plantations that required organized labor. The 21-year-old slave had been captured from his home in Gambia at his prime age about to marry and is very bitter about it. The new slave spends his days working in the rice fields for his master. This journal highlights the significant events in the life of this slave from the time of his capture and life during the American Revolution. September 13, 1752 I am on my new master’s carriage going to his plantation, and this is the first peaceful time I have to remember the events since my capture. The past few months have been rigorous and fast for me trying to adjust and understand what was ahead of me. The journey from my home, Gambia, where I think I will never set foot, has been full of hardships and torture from our captors. The struggle and the believe that we could escape initially had landed us to lots of merciless whippings as this angered our captors. With many wounds the pain in the sea was unbearable, the nights were long and cold and painted with fear, anxiety and wailing from women and children. My blood and nerves grow cold as I remember these scenes despite the day being sunny and heat was fair. I dreaded the

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