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Journal Entry for Looking for Alibrandi In the previous chapters, Josephine has demonstrated a change in both her attitude and mind. In the chapters, Josephine has grown from a small girl who hates everything around her and overreacts to every situation around her to a grown girl/woman who understands the people around her and appreciates that not every person can be perfect and that it is not only her that goes through awful and depressing experiences, but other people also go through the same experiences; some even worse. In the subsequent chapters, the Josephine continues to demonstrate changes in her. In chapter 22 to chapter 27, Josephine gets interested in knowing her family better. She shifts her interest in getting to understand her mother deeply and gets to bond more with her grandmother, who she hated at the beginning because of the way she treated her mother. Like in the previous chapters where we have seen Josephine getting to know and understand her father, Michael, she gives the chance to her grandmother and mother and finally begins to understand the importance of having a family. As such, this journal entry will focus on the themes executed in chapter 22 to chapter 27 and examine how the author deals with the themes in each chapter. Chapter 22 In this chapter, the focus is on the theme of family. Here, Josephine gets to spend quality time with her mother. They go for lunch in an expensive harbor side restaurant where they have the opportunity to talk about her mother’s experiences. Josephine learns how her grandfather, Francesco, mistreated her mother and how her mother emotionally asks herself why her father never loved her. He was violent against her

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