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Family Systems Theory: Journal Article Critique Candidate’s Name Institution’s Name Needham, M., Packman, W., Rappoport, M., Quinn, N., Cordova, M., Macias, S., . . . Packman, S. (2014). MPS II: Adaptive behavior of patients and impact on the family system. Journal of Genetic Counseling, 23(3), 330-8. doi: Article Summary and relevance to the course Needham et al. (2014) in their article conducts a study on the Mucopolysaccharidosis type II (MPS II) that is a recurring X-linked lysosomal illness that majorly attacks men. The researchers explain that this illness can either be mild or acute. It attacks the several organs such as the heart, nerves, breathing system and digestive system. It results in poor vision, hearing loss, brain impairment as well as inflated spleen. The article is relevant to the course because, in their research, Needham et al. (2014) concentrated on the adaptive conducts of those family members suffering from MPS II as well as how this disease affects the family system. They recruited patients from the National MPS organizations in the US as well as their care providers. The study was conducted through phone calls with the aim of determining the MPS II’s impact on the family operation as well as relations. The researchers established that MPS II patients encountered considerably poorer functioning in communication, socialization as well as motor abilities when contrasted to normal people. They established that those with acute MPS II experienced much lower adaptive operation skills. Further, the researchers established that households with MPS II patients encountered

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