Joseph and Potiphar’s Wife

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The Hebrew is seen as a central element in the Jewish lifestyle with the writings contained in the book providing the relevant stories and precepts that dictate the way of life. The 24 books that make the Jewish Bible are commonly known as the Tanach and present the history from creation to the building of the second Temple in Jerusalem. The present paper relates the story of Joseph and Potiphar’s wife as described in Genesis (Bereishis) as it applies to my personal moral standings. In the story, it can be noted that Potiphar's, Zuleika is making persistent and daily attempts to seduce Joseph who is described as handsome and charming. Joseph who is struggling with his conscience refuses to yield into her advances. He tells his master's wife that it is a sinful against God to lie with her. After repeatedly hearkening him to have intercourse with her she tries to force him into the act. However, he leaves his garment on her hands and runs away. She later accuses him of attempted rape and Joseph his imprisoned. I believe that individuals should resist influences and advances from the people who are trying to lure them into engaging in immoral and unacceptable acts. Resisting temptations is regarded as a heroic act given that Joseph had to valiantly struggle to avoid falling into the advances of his master's wife. Consequently, the Joseph is considered in the Hebrew tradition as a tzaddik (righteous man). The answers that Joseph gives in the refusal depict a case of internal struggle as he says that his master has been kind to him withholding only the wife from him. The moral of the story is that people should always strive to act in a righteous regardless of the

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