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Name of Student Name of Instructor Course Code Date of Submission Trumbo’s argument about war in chapter 10 Trumbo uses Joe, an American soldier who had been wounded beyond the impossible the impossible and as he lies in his hospital bed totally immobile and helpless thinks back on his life and to some extend criticizes the actions that led him to his present situation and the reason why he didn’t object joining the war. He thinks of ‘liberty’ how vague the term ‘liberty’ is, he thinks how it is not concrete and how foolish it is to fight for something that isn’t existing and that life is more significant than the idea of dying for liberty. He further thinks of ‘freedom’ and whether fighting and war is the only solution it can be achieved (Trumbo, 50). He thinks of areas that got their democracy and freedom without necessarily fighting, places like Canada, Australia and the American Revolution in 1776. Next, he focuses on words used to entice people to engage into war. Words like ‘independence’, ’native land’ words which don’t actually refer to anything abstract of what good is it to preserve independence and native land and ending up dying in the process? He further wonders how some people get others into fighting yet they themselves do not get in the battlefield and when they are wounded and helpless they deny them the right of being recognized and end up dying in mystery (Trumbo, 70). He also criticizes the people who pretend to speak for the dead as they try to convince young people to get into war yet the dead do not speak and they can’t tell whether they are happy for what they died for. Basing on Joe’s arguments it is

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