John Smith

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Your name Professor’s name Course name Date of submission John Smith and the American Identity John Smith’s “The General History of Virginia” delves into the tales of Captain John Smith and his escapades in Virginia, U.S. during the 17th century. There is a historical debate about Smith being the first American. Expectedly, however, numerous critics do not endorse this assertion claiming that Smith is not fit to be described as the first American. The definition of “American” is relative and, therefore, each individual understands it from varied perspectives. Captain John Smith is indeed the first American as most of his characteristics are in-line with the different definitions of “American.” Fore mostly, there is a salient understanding that John Smith was affiliated with the Jamestown settlement in Virginia. The U.S., through Virginia was; in fact, created through Jamestown, showing clearly that the settlement necessitated the emergence of America. From “The General History of Virginia,” it is realized that Smith led to the establishment of Jamestown; proving that he is the first American. The reading says, “Smith was a leading member of the English company that had established the colony of Jamestown, in what is now Virginia,” and this shows that there would be no Jamestown without Smith’s presence (Smith 111). Additionally, Smith is also described as having certain characteristics and qualities that endorse his position as the first American. The reading is a portrayal that Smith is the first American as he struggles to fight for the Americans and their experiences. It says, “While fighting the Ottomans in Hungary, Smith

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