John Keat’s Poetry

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Student’s NameInstructor Course Date John Keats’s Poetry In pursuit of delivering their message, poets’ ideas are actuated by different factors, particularly those revolving around their life. Developing from their life experiences, they establish themes that express their views about nature and human life. John Keats one of the prominent poets who never lasted long enough to execute his proficiency takes into the exploration of beauty and its nature. Keats encounters a life of despair due to the consecutive losses of his family members to unraveled death-causing factors. Unfortunately, since he is one of the troubled family members, he understands that his time to pass on is not far away. Keats considers this as a bad omen to his romantic dreams, as he was enthusiastic that he would work proficiently to supersede his poetic predecessors. So as to tackle this unrelenting truth about his inevitable death, Keats takes into finding other sources of joy through imaginations to overcome his fears of death. Therefore, in his poetry, Keats suggests that in times of overwhelming fear, overlooked elements such as alcohol and death in life can be beautiful. Keats as a poet is swept with fears of failing to achieve his dreams. As a poet, Keats is driven by his dreams of becoming one of the best poets in the world outshining those poets who preceded him. However, the knowledge that he may not live long enough to compose all these poems so as to achieve his dreams induces some fears in his life. In his poem, “When I have fears,” he expresses what dreams he desires to make in his life, but the traces of death would overshadow them that closing into him. Keats

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