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Job Description Student’s Name Institutional Affiliation Job specification describes the fundamental constituents of a job class, which include a statement on the work to be done, the duties and responsibilities and the necessary qualifications and minimum standards needed for a job applicant to perform the essential functions that related to a job (Moore, 2008). On the other hand, job descriptions refer to the tasks and duties that constitute a job. Also, the might define the place of the job in the workplace and clarify the contribution that the job makes towards the attainment of the organizational objectives. Job descriptions and specification is critical for the staffing program as they form the basis for vital processes such as recruitment, postings, compensation, and training and performance appraisal. These activities are essential in ensuring that the duties of the staff are aligned with the objectives of the workplace. Job descriptions and specifications allow the employer to make informed decisions when hiring as they provide a clear outline of the roles and responsibilities required of applicants for a specific position. When a job lacks descriptions and specification, then a company is likely to experience lower productivity, while the worker is likely to be inefficient and ineffective when carrying out their duties concerning their jobs. Remember that job descriptions and specifications are critical for the employer when conducting performance reviews, and hence when they are not in place, the chances are that the employer might fail to quantify the contribution of employees to their companies and fail to merit the compensation they receive. The

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