‘JLL believe courage, trust, agility are differentiators in our business. Give us examples of when you have been able to demonstrate these and what you learned from these experiences.’ Max

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Application Letter for Admittance into the Real Estate Program Hello, This letter is in response to your request for information. As I sat and pondered about life and the success, I have enjoyed by merely being in the right place at just the right time. In retrospect, I have always had that entrepreneurial spirit. My spirit actually began in my childhood. Words have always come easy for me, as reading is one of my great passions. This made it easy to remember the many bits of data that pop into the head at the amazingly opportune moments. It was when I saw an opportunity to assist all students with learning how to use computers. Numbers came quite easily to me at secondary school, and I could see many in my class were struggling. This was when I offered my services as a tutor in Mathematics. At first, the students just wanted the answers to the test. I refused to do that for them. Instead, I offered to teach them to do it honorably for 20 and hour. That project made a tidy little sum, and some new friends. The first professional experience came as an assistant manager in Young Enterprise Programme in 2011. Here is where I surprised everyone and myself by stepping up to lead a team of eight members. I have always made eye contact with people and treated them with respect. I led by example and managed to earn their respect. This practice also served well in the car-trader business. Cars hold a special place in my heart, and this business honed my methods of negotiations. This experience helped immensely at Dixon Car Phone. This was the first experience with high-pressure sales in a commercial environment. The experience provided the valuable insight on how people

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