Jacksonian Era

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Jacksonian Era. Despite the fact that President Jackson Andrew was in the office between the years 1829 and 1837, he influenced the American politics, economy, and social construct well before and after his term. It is worth noting that the period from the year1824 to 1840 was termed as the Era of the Common Man and the Age of Jacksonian Democracy. However, it can be argued that Jacksonian Era participated in the strengthening of the presidency and the executive branch while weakening the Congress. Therefore, the paper will cover Jacksonian Era and how it redefined America regards federal government and the presidency. The paper will deal with three aspects that are associated with the Jacksonian Era, such as politics, social aspects, and economy. Social events associated with Jacksonian Era The one social aspect that reformed during the Jacksonian Era is the revival of the religion. This religious revival was commonly referred to as the Second Great Awakening. Second Great Awakening had one main objective, which was to make human condition better. To achieve this, there were various reform movements that were formed. Some of them included temperance movement and the American Female Moral Reform Society. Other movements such as the penitentiary and asylum created the rehabilitation centers for the unstable and the turbulent individuals in the society. All of this religion triggered movement had one aim of bettering the human conditions during that era. Another social reform associated with the Jacksonian Era is the evolution of the education. During this time, different cities began empowering public schools that provided education for the public. Numerous reformists

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