Jack Ernest, decision making, the Graceland Memorial hospital. Questions

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Question 1 Jack Ernest in the case “nowhere job” has been assigned the role of developing an operational structure for a new insurance product. His work environment is as challenging and full of obstacles. The rational decision making requires one to apply a stepwise technique through the establishment of criteria in taking the right choice among alternatives. Jack is therefore expected to be logical, analyze the current situation and objectivity in making the decision of quitting his “nowhere job.” In his career, he faces challenges that hinder his performance of duties. For instance, he lacks formal job description and his efforts to get one, bears no fruits. He is isolated from the company’s operations, needs and significant changes regarding the objectives. Further, Jack faces conflict with the management and the new outside consultant over whom to report. The lack of proper communication and attention to his questions and proposals hinders him from performing his duties. Jack should, therefore, analyze his ability to successfully deliver better output and achieve his goals in such a situation. The analysis would comprise of checking into other ways of completing his assignments within the same conditions. Also, the report should present him with information of any anticipation in changes in the working conditions. He would, therefore, decide whether to quit or continue working. Question 2 Decision making is a crucial aspect for every individual whether in a managerial position or low-rank positions. The approaches employed by decision makers in an organization determine the impacts created for any choice made. The valid alternative chosen should be useful

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