It May Not Work in Politics

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It May Not Work in Politics Student’s Name Professor’s Name Course Title Date Congressional Ethics Unethical conducts are common among the politicians and even the members of the Congress. One member who has been befitted by the problem is Rep Rangel Charlie. He was the founder of the Congressional Black Caucus and a chair of the means Committee ad House Ways. He was convicted of the violation of House ethics policies in 11 accounts. The first was omissions and errors in the disclosure of his financial statements. The second was the use of some rent-controlled residential houses located in Harlem as his campaign office. The third was a failure to pay taxes for the beach villa in the Dominican Republic. Finally, he used his official House letterhead to petition donors for the academic center located in New York and named after him. Starting from the later, use of an office for personal benefaction and to unlawfully lobby people to support or contribute towards a personal project is a violation of the Congresses code of ethics. According to the section, 3 of rule XXIII of the code of official conduct, “a member of the House may not receive compensation and may not permit compensation to accrue to the beneficial interest of such individual from any source” ("Code of Official Conduct | House Committee on Ethics," 2016). Angel had violated this policy by accruing funds from others for individual use. By failing to disclosure, his financial statements it means he was not ready for scrutiny meaning his source of wealth and integrity were questionable. Further, failing to pay taxes was being unjust to the other tax payers and violation of the same

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