Isolation during the Administration of Theodore Roosevelt

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Name: Instructor: Course: Date: Isolation during the Administration of Theodore Roosevelt Isolationism was a move in the American foreign policy that actively opposed the involvements of the country in Alliances with other nations. The American isolation was majorly experienced by European countries that had different economic and political systems. The United States avoided international cooperation because the isolationists had a different ideology from those of the countries in Europe. The country isolated itself from treaties and declarations of war. Roosevelt believed that there were better ways of solving disputes other than war. In 1902 Venezuela was given a loan by the European nations, the dictator Cipriano Castro refused to repay the loan completely. Britain and Germany resorted to starting a war with Latin America to destroy Venezuela for refusing to pay the loan. The two countries sent ships to Latin America’s coastline to block any activity from going on. President Theodore spent most his time during the first term of his tenure trying to help Latin America. He thought that the countries had boundary disputes, but he was persuaded by Britain and Germany that they didn’t have any issue to do with the border of Venezuela. However, Theodore Roosevelt was not happy with the decision of the European nations to initiate war as means of solving the dispute. He demanded that the countries use arbitration to resolving the matter. The Dominican Republic also had problems with the European nations. The businessmen persuaded the government to collect money from Latin America which was already debt-ridden. The Dominican Republic pleaded to Roosevelt

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