Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS)

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Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) is an international terrorist group with wide networks and threatens the security of many people across the world. Isis is an Islamic group that was founded in 2000 when Abu Musab launched his training as militant. After his training, Abu Musab became a major participant in the Iraqi insurgency, mostly when the American began being much stronger. ISIS contributed to backlash from the community as well as an increased presence of the U.S and Iraqi forces (Dohrmann, and Hatem 568). The ISIS built a strong plan that was to be used in seizing power in both the Central and the Western areas. The Sunni Arabs were not ready to be ruled by the ISIS as it had higher attempts of violent attacks. Also, the post leaders of the ISIS group were killed by US army in 2009 after ISIS had announced itself as the state of extraordinary crisis in 2008. This paper gives a discussion of ISIS as a terrorist group. In 2014, ISIS managed to drive the Iraq famous forces towards its offensive areas, However, the collapse of the Iraq state prompted a renewal of the US military actions that were taking place in the country. It was at such a time that US military tried to be much aggressive to ensure that it dealt with the Islamic forces accordingly. Being a group that contains a violent ideology, the US military had to be well equipped to counter terrorism. Again, ISIS is a type of group that calls itself a caliphate and also evidence to have religious authority over all the Muslims. RAND terrorism experts have taken all the responsibilities of the group including its financing, organization, and management to ensure that

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