Islamic extremism

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Islamic extremism Introduction Islamic extremism is defined as the application of extreme beliefs to fight for democracy, individual freedom and fighting against other religions other than Islam. It should be noted that not all Muslims hold extreme beliefs hence not all Muslim worshippers can be tied to extremism. Religious extremists are individuals that have no boundaries for their actions as long as they believe their faith approves their actions. Extremists are people that have been radicalized and have been made to believe that their actions have got no consequences since they will be rewarded as their faith demands. The United States has fallen victim of Islamic extremism leading to human death, injuries and property damage. The most memorable extremist attack to the US was carried out on the eleventh day of September the year 2001 by the Al Qaeda, an Islamic extremist group. The attacks conducted in 2001 showed that the United States is not safe from extremists and it needed to come up with measures to combat their actions. Recently, the Orlando shootings that resulted in almost fifty deaths were conducted by an individual alleged to the Islamic State. Therefore, measures need to be taken to avert instances of extremism in the US as a way of promoting the security of the Americans. Measures Most of the extreme individuals have been radicalized by being subjected to make-beliefs that are inclined towards their religion. Firstly, the United States should endeavor to reduce the rate of radicalization among its citizens. There is a stereotype that individuals that carry out violent attacks for extremist groups come from poor backgrounds, but in most cases, this is

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