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IGNORANCE OF GREEN ISSUES IN INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS Name Institution Green issues, which are often said to be tied to the fate of humanity, can be said to have been ignored due to a variety of reasons. For instance, the party politics that are prevalent in the U.S have negatively affected global relations due to their rejection of essential environmental laws. For example, conservatives in the Congress have repeatedly shot down attempts to ratify laws that limit carbon emissions (Dunne, Kurki & Smith, 2007). Globally, many countries have failed to adequately address environmental issues leading to catastrophic levels of extinctions that are threatening to wipe out many ecosystems. Indeed, a look anywhere in the world will show that critical green issues have been ignored. Since man began utilizing nature for his benefit, there has been a profound sense of mistrust, fear and greed on the natural resources around that in a sense can be seen as ecological blindness. From a young age, individuals are shaped to accord moral treatment only to human life, ignoring any other life forms, ranging from plant to animal life (Dunne, Kurki & Smith, 2007). In the attempts to exploit the vast natural resources, humanity has over exploited nature, without care for the eventual consequences. Currently, various environmental crises threaten the well-being of humanity. For instance, due to global warming, the polar ice caps are melting, with dire results for low-lying coastal areas; furthermore, spiraling temperatures have only increased drought that in turn causes food and water shortages. Dunne et al. predict the possibilities of a global environmental crisis that may

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