Is the US Electoral College System a Fair Way to Democracy or Not?

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Student’s Name: Course: Instructor: Date: Is the US Electoral College System a Fair Way to Democracy or Not? The Electoral College is an institution composed of electors who are selected by voters in their respective States, and they play the role of formally electing the US president and his vice president. On the other hand, a Popular Vote is the election of a US president through the qualified voters in different states of America (Smith, 205). Therefore, this implies that when the American citizens vote for a president and a vice president, they are essentially balloting for the presidential electors who shall designate the chief executive. The US Convention of 1787 took into contemplation numerous techniques of electing the president such as assortment by the Congress, the directors of the States, state legislatures and a direct popular vote. Later in the treaty, the matter was devoted to the “Committee of Eleven on Postponed Matters” that formulated the “Electoral College system” in its unique custom (Glenn, 5). The plan was aimed at insulating the voting practice from doctrinaire influence as equated to the other approaches that had been applied in earlier years. The Electoral College system and the Popular Vote process have led to different arguments from the various parts of the American Union. Therefore, this paper shall provide a counter argument to the views that the Electoral College System is not a fair way and the American people need to go back to the Popular Vote system. The system leads to the coherence of the realm by necessitating a distribution of popular backing of the elected chief executive. Hence, this implies that if the system

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