Is it possible for education to be free in America

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Student’s Name: Course: Instructor: Date: Free education in America There is a great need for making the education to be free in America, and for that matter, the possibility to make the education free is initiated by the desire of the people in the country. Some of the factors that can facilitate the need for the free education are due to the campaign that is made by the leaders of the nation such as the politicians whose intention is to make sure that the future generation is well prepared to take the nation forward (Anderson Np). The fact that other states such as New York City and California have tried the free education and it has worked is a clear indication that America can manage it. There are also some humble families that are not able to raise the educational fee to their children and this forces these children to drop out of school hence the introduction of the free education is of importance (Anderson Np). The practice of the equality in the nation can also be one of how the provision of free education for all the children in the nation can be accomplished (Eskow Np). In the entire American nation, there has been a great challenge in the issue of the students’ fee, especially in the high learning institution. For instance, the loan provided to the students in the colleges and universities to help them during their educations are not being paid back, and this makes the students have a huge debt after school to pay. There are limited chances that these loans will be paid back. The government should, therefore, look into ways in which the education can be free to the students so that they don’t have the burden to pay back the loan for their

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