Is Democracy suitable for all countries?

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Student’s Name: Professor’s Name: Course number: Date: Is Democracy Suitable for All Countries? Democracy can be described a system of administration or government with four essentials; a political structure that is used for electing leaders through transparent elections. The active and lively participation of the citizen in the affairs of the nation primarily civic affairs. The upholding of the people’s rights without discrimination and lastly is a system where rules and laws apply to each and every citizen or individual. Democracy can be achieved, but its effectiveness is hindered by the lack of active involvement by the people, this, therefore, limits the realization of the full potential of an implemented democracy. Democracy can be achieved by all countries but only at a particular point of development or growth regarding the vital sectors like; infrastructure and the economy at large. Most of the developed countries like the United States of America can benefit from democracy as they have already established economies and infrastructure. The election of leaders and the execution of power can be accessed by development that was done during their tenures and thus can be assessed basing on performance. Nonetheless, full potential is hindered because roughly 30% of the citizens vote during the elections. But in developing and underdeveloped countries, there is much to be done and even if a leader struggles the impact will be minimal making the whole process difficult to gauge, and thus dictatorship becomes a better option in the cases where leaders are oriented towards the development of the country. For example, Libya was among the most underdeveloped

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