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iron or magnesium as they decrease the consumption of ibandronate. The ibandronate is not healthy for the pregnant women. The Ibandronate should be used during pregnancy only if the doctor feels that its potential benefit warrants the potential danger to the fetus. Therefore, it cannot be healthy for pregnant women. Introduction The Ibandronate is an intravenous and an orally taken drug which is meant for treatment of osteoporosis. Upon the classification of drugs, it belongs to bisphosphonate class which is composed of tiludronate (Skelid), etidronate (Didronel), risedronate (Actonel) as well as pamidronate (Aredia). How the Ibandronate works Bone is always in a continuous state of regeneration....



Iron is 44.0 mg, Magnesium at 350.5 mg, Manganese at 8.2 mg, Phosphorus at 882.6 mg which is not half of the required amount of calories above 4000. Potassium is at 2045.3 mg while the required amount is 3500 mg per 2000 calories. Selenium is at 57.1 and zinc at 15.0 mg. Sodium is at 5395.8 mg which is not bad for a calorie intake above 4000. The total protein intake on day one is 109.1 g. The DRI recommendation for daily protein intake of an average man and woman is 56 and 46 grams respectively. The different types of proteins are broken down to Cystine 0.6 g, Histidine 0.8 g, Isoleucine 1.2 g, Leucine 2.2 g, Lysine 1.0 g, Methionine 0.5 g, Phenylalanine 1.4 g, Threonine 1.0 g, Tryptophan 0.4 g,...

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Ironing a Shirt and Ironing Board Attention and sequencing The process of making ironing a shirt and ironing board requires a lot of attention to avoid burning the shirt due to over-ironing. The attention is required to make sure all the required level of temperature of the iron is correct (Gatrell, 10). The ironing board is assembled from various parts to make the complete system. The sequence of a shirt is very simple. The activity of ironing a shirt requires the laundry person to first acquire all the required equipment and accessories. The person ironing the shirt should have the iron, a nearby electric socket, and ironing board. The shirt to be ironed is then brought. The person should...

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iron out their differences. In light of subsequent events, Isocrates made a stronger defense. Demosthenes made a convincing argument that spurred all of Athens to war against Macedonia. However, Isocrates made the most substantial argument since Philip turned out to be honorable and the victory of Thebes and Athens eventually unified all of Greece CITATION Spi13 p 88 l 2057 (Spielvogel 88). This unification gave Greece, under Phillip II, a better chance against the Persian invasion. Works Cited BIBLIOGRAPHY Spielvogel, Jackson J. "The Civilization of the Greeks." Spielvogel, Jackson J. Western Civilization: A Brief History. Boston: Cengage Learning, 2013. 53-87....