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The Iron Lady Name Institutional Affiliation The Iron Lady “Don’t follow the crowd, let the crowd follow you” Margaret Thatcher. This famous quote exhibits how principled Thatcher was during her entire political career. Regardless of her timely death in 2013, Thatcher, nicknamed as the iron lady, remains immortalized as a real leader during her lifetime. Having served as the first and only female British Prime Minister up to now, her period at the helm changed Britain forever. The agenda of this discussion is to analyze several aspects of the Thatcher’s leadership. This paper will begin by explaining the problems that she faced before moving forward to scrutinize her leadership style. Challenges Faced by Thatcher Amidst a heavily patriarchal society, it was almost impossible for the iron lady to make it as a female leader. This is evident in the movie when she enters the parliament as the only female leader in a house full of men. The entry of Thatcher to the parliament marked the beginning of her challenges as she was mocked based on the way she talked and not her content. As she goes ahead to point out in one of the debate sessions exhibited in the movie, the leader of the workers union was quick to criticize how she talked, instead of paying attention to what she talked. Her points were not put into much consideration both in the parliament and within her conservative party. During the crisis that witnessed teachers demanding a 35 percent wage increase, her views as the secretary of state for Education and Science were largely ignored by Edward Heath, the Conservative party leader. From a general perspective, the iron lady faced stiff opposition from

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