iPad a disruptive innovation

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IPad: a disruptive innovation Name Institution     IPad: a disruptive innovation Disruptive innovation defines a process in which young companies with little resources can successfully challenge incumbent businesses. IPad is an innovation in communication industry worldwide, and it’s an entrant with a variety of applications. The paper, therefore, tries to explain and teach real concept attached to its innovation in the communication industry. IPad has Netflix application which provides users with a variety of instant movies hence offer real competition to laptops and even televisions (Thompson, Peteraf, Gamble, & Strickland, 2016). The e-reader in the pads is a vast improvement in all the newspapers and getting a report you just give it a touch. The iBook is much essential than the virtual books that cost high on apple. Pristine innovations made in the reading process makes it simpler to peruse through pages with just scrolling. Blatantly, the iPad is also an excellent gaming platform. They come up with perfect games that require touch functions with accelerometers to capture traditional games to the digital times (Christensen, Raynor, and McDonald, 2015). Despite the fact that the technology is a new one, it is possible to be characterized as disruptive (Christensen et al., 2016). It targets nonconsumers who initially never owned a tablet and are driving into an entirely new market. There usually are numerous talks about Apple's device. The downs of the apple are so many that experts predict it not so much attracting in the market contemporaneously like the iPod and the iPhone products which drew a lot of sales

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