Investigating Buddhism

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Investigating Buddhism Student’s Name Institution of Affiliation Investigating Buddhism According to White (2016), the person referred to as Buddha was a prince called Siddhartha Gautama. At a tender age, it was prophesized that he would turn out to be a great religious figure or a great king (White, 2016). The prophecy came to pass when Siddhartha escaped from his luxurious life. He had to deal with confrontations with the world by suffering (four sights), followed by years of self-deprivation, which ultimately led to his insight and the contemporary day lessons of the Buddha. In this essay, the four sights experienced by the young Siddhartha Gautama, when he left the palace are described. Then, a reflection on the significance of the sights follows. The third is a thought on why the four sights caused the prince to seek religious retorts, and lastly, what this reflection means for divine progression. The chronicles surrounding the life of Siddhartha include four sights that questioned old age, disease, death and in his final vision, he saw a Buddhist monk who was meditating. His father wanted to shelter him from these elements and went for the extreme measures to guard against old age, spiritual renunciations, and demise. Nevertheless, this action did not stop the interventions by the gods. The Hindu myth’s devas were inquisitive about the prince as a religious leader and took the approach of the four prohibited effects. The Prince’s first encounter was with an older man who was on the verge of demise. The second was a man with a disfiguring illness. Thirdly, he met a funeral parade of a decomposing corpse, and lastly, he saw a sacred monk, who presented a

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