Inventive Communication Final

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Student’s Name Professor’s Name Course Number Date Inventive Communication Artists will be motivated by diverging forms of intuition when marking arts, sculptures, and paints. The primary purpose of each piece of art will be communicating with viewers the thoughts, ideas, and viewpoints of the artist. Some people will consider a piece of art as arguably vague and lack meaning because they are not in a position to decipher the message that the artist intended to pass through. Although artists can be spatially separated, their ideas and thoughts can be thematically connected to relay a specific message to the viewers. Every work of the “Earthlings” exhibition reveals the ability of artists to communicate with the world at large regarding the contemporary issues facing the society using different intuitions of thinking. Every work of art has a symbolic and thematic meaning which only a few can understand. Many will be fast to judge and make conclusive statements regarding the work of arts of other artists. Humans have diverse perceptions of thinking and this can be attributed to differences in the manner in which they are raised and brought up. Shary Boyle (1) argues that while their personal experiences will motivate some artists, others rely on cultural expertise for intuition. Humans will prefer to venture into that which they have adequate information and skills about. The same case applies to artists who will choose their subjects based on the issues they are best conversant with. The form of attachment to such problems ranges from personal, intimate or even physical. The level of intimacy with their choice of subjects is what keeps the artists going

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